Sunday, 12 February 2012

Frog frenzy

I am getting to the stage of illness where I have forgotten how it feels to be well! 1 week of sore throat, 4 days of lost voice and 1 week of sinus pain and chesty cold brings me to today. Hopefully things will start to improve this week. In the absence of any energy to think up some activities for this weekend, I dug out a frog project I had already prepared.

We read some information sheets about different types of frog, together with a factual book I had found at the library. Harry then matched the names of the frogs to their pictures and completed a frog life cycle diagram

We had some fact cards and we read a few of these, then cut out card to represent the largest and smallest frogs

I had printed some words relating to the reading we had done and asked Harry if he could remember the meaning of each word - he did really well at this

We watched and listened to some different frogs on YouTube, including the poison dart frog and bullfrog. The poison dart video was a David Attenborough offering where frog neighbours were wrestling for territory, which we then had to recreate on the floor! We did some colouring sheets too - Harry wanted his to be the golden dart frog, which is the most poisonous!

We finished by reading the frog library book again, together with a story book featuring a frog character

It turned out to be a good work session and Harry was looking through the lapbook we created later in the day. It was a bit of a random topic but I think we had enough content to make it interesting and coherent, with a variety of activities.

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