Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Advent activity 11 - Nativity mobile

Following on from our Nativity story yesterday, we made a Nativity mobile printed from Activity Village today - Here it is in case anyone else wants to make one.

Harry decorated the characters and we talked about why the wise man might be wearing bright, richly coloured clothes, because he was wealthy and why Mary and Joseph would not, because they were not wealthy. I asked Harry to re-tell the story we heard yesterday too, so he could try to remember it. He showed the mobile off to Stuart when he got home and was telling him who everyone was and that the star led the wise man to the stable. The activity in Durham yesterday and making this mobile have been perfect for stimulating thought and discussion about The Nativity.

We are getting quite a collection of decorations he has made this year now. I am looking forward to using them all at the weekend when we put a Christmas tree up!

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