Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Advent activity 12 - sweet snowballs and party 1

This morning we made rice krispie snowballs to take to the first of our two Christmas parties this week. I adapted this recipe from the rice krispies site. This involved melting marshmallows (I used a 150g bag of mini marshmallows) with a little butter - it looked like a ball of playdough in the pan!

Then 2 cups of rice krispies were added - now the mixture looked like a really unpromising sticky mess!

But the balls came together really well and they were rolled in sweetened coconut and icing sugar to give them the snowball effect. I really liked these for a party and they took less than half an hour.

We went to a party at the church hall in Durham where we often meet other home ed families. We played games brought by everyone - pin the red nose on Rudolph, pass the parcel, snowball fight using newspaper balls and musical statues set to Christmas music. The children ate food that everyone had brought and battered a pinata to finish. It was brilliant! It was so great to see almost 30 children spanning a wide age range playing the same games together, taking turns and joining in. Happy home ed days :-)

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