Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Fire station visit

We visited our local fire station today with several other home ed families for some fire safety messages. It is a slightly unseasonal thing to do in the week before Christmas but that was when they could fit us in and it was actually nice to have a break from the festive theme! 

We sat in the auditorium and watched a Fireman Sam video about smoke alarms and a video about the danger of matches. We learnt some motto's too, which we have been repeating at home:

Matches, lighters, never touch
They can hurt you very much.

Get out
Get the fire brigade out
Stay out

I was surprised to learn that the fire brigade recommend closing all doors in the house at night as it can delay the spread of a fire by 15 minutes! We will start doing that at home. Unfortunately the fire engine was called out while we were there so we couldn't see it close up but we did have a look at some real equipment, saw a fireman slide down the pole and went into the garage where the engines park to see the fire van and alarm system.

I think it was a very worthwhile visit and we have some books and activities to do at home which the children were given to take away.

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