Monday, 3 December 2012

Advent activity 3 - reindeer food

I thought this would be a very popular activity as Harry and Peter love mixing kitchen ingredients in bowls at the moment! We used oats, cereals, spices and glitter, together with a few Christmas coloured sugar sprinkles. They mixed and made a bag each to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve. We glued a poem to the front of the bags:

Reindeer get hungry when flying around.
Sprinkle these oats before to your house they bound.
While Santa delivers gifts from his sack,
The reindeer can enjoy this tasty snack.

We also watched some YouTube videos of real reindeer in the Arctic and Finland and looked up some information about them online. We talked about some of the facts we learned whilst making the reindeer food. Harry remembered that they can swim, they have brown fur to keep warm and antlers. We were surprised to learn that a one day old reindeer can run as fast as a man and that a herd can contain as many as 10,000 reindeer!

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