Sunday, 22 June 2014

Funfair and day at Wallington

It has been a fun filled weekend! There is an annual week-long fair in Newcastle called The Hoppings which we visited on Saturday afternoon. The boys loved it! They had a turn on a slide you went down in a sack and one you went down in a giant ring. 

They were very brave and went with Stuart on the log flume! These are the views from the top and it was quite high but they were both laughing at the end, especially as Stuart sat at the front and got very wet! 

Harry and Stuart had fun in the dodgems.

They also enjoyed hook-a-duck and candy floss.

I have been doing a first aid course all day today as part of my volunteer training at Harry's scout group. It's been really interesting and I feel much more confident that I could deal with first aid situations now. Stuart took the boys to Wallington and they had a wonderful time racing, climbing and wrestling! 

Happy boys! 

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