Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Seven Stories Moving Stories

We have had a day filled with literacy themes today. Peter wanted to show Harry the new Seven Stories exhibition based on books make into film we had visited last week and we all liked going together. We have had an annual membership to Seven Stories for nearly 6 years now and we are very lucky it is so close to us as it is a great resource. We are also fortunate to be able to visit at quiet times as the boys can really get involved in the parts they are interested in without being moved on.

Harry was enthralled by The Borrowers and the huge matchbox table and we have started reading it together tonight as I had an old copy already. I am really pleased that he has been inspired to want to read a new book and Seven Stories is a great place for that to happen as it really brings literature to life in an engaging way for children, with lots of hands on exhibits. 

I think we will be reading Alice in Wonderland this year too! They spent a long time enjoying a mad hatter's tea party.

Peter was delighted to find penguin outfits at the Lost and Found rowing boat as he loves them. We watched a clip from the film with a stormy sea and talked about how the boy and the penguin may have felt.

They both loved these fairy tale cubes, which could be combined to make mixed-up fairy tales and they had some chuckles about their bizarre stories! 

Harry has also been practising using an Oxford Reading Tree spelling dictionary this morning. I hope he might find it useful for writing independently. He completed a compound words worksheet then looked for the words in the dictionary. 

We also played bananagrams and Harry was allowed to use his dictionary. 

Peter has enjoyed lots of books read to him today too - The Lorax and Richard Scarry books are current favourites and we also read Dr Seuss's The Places You'll Go.

I am starting to think about planning some activities for September onwards. We have been very unstructured in the last couple of months as the weather has been good so we have been enjoying lots of outdoor time. I would like to have more prepared though for the winter including activities for Peter and I think that starting each day with reading may be one of the things we do. 

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  1. What a wonderful place to visit - that is so our sort of venue and I'm a little jealous:) the giant matchbox is great - hiw marvellous to bring literature to life in this way.i read to my youngest each morning - at the moment it's an Enid Blyton book which means that he doesn't really want to do anything else other than listen all day! Dr Seuss books are just fab - there's one waiting to be reviewed by us as I write this which isn't a great hardship:)
    Thank you for linking up to this weeks #homeedlinkup