Saturday, 21 June 2014

Seven Stories and Big Bang fair

We had an unusual but lovely day on Friday. Stuart took the day off and went with Harry to the Big Bang science fair at Northumbria University. There were lots of school groups and he went with a group of home education friends. They watched the Ugly Animal Roadshow, took part in a workshop called The Colour of Nature, about adaptation and camouflage and watched a fun science show.

I looked after a three year old of a family at the event so he didn't have to go along and sit through the workshops, as they were aimed at older children. It was nice for Peter to have a small friend and we went to Seven Stories to see an exhibition we haven't seen before; Moving Pictures features books that have been made into film and it was really good. We read several books while at Seven Stories too as they have them around all of the exhibition spaces.

The boys dressed as foxes in the Fantastic Mr Fox area.

Played with the animals in the Snow White area.

And rowed to the South Pole in the Lost and Found area.

We came home to play with bubbles and water in the garden. Harry came home briefly and went out to his enjoy-a-ball class with Stuart.

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