Sunday, 10 June 2012

Allotment progress - one week

We have now had our allotment for one week and we are really enjoying it, as well as being very pleased with the progress. We hadn't planned on planting anything yet but, thanks to the hospitality of the other allotment holders, we now have various vegetables out in beds and in the greenhouse. We have cleared around half of the beds and border of weeds and taken a few boot loads of garden waste to the tip, as well as filling our own compost bins. The paths around the plot need to be cleared of grass and weeds, the wood around the raised beds will mostly need to be replaced and we will probably reconfigure some of the beds. We have a few books from the library we have been studying too, in order to make a plan for next year.

Pots of tomatoes, peppers and chilli in the greenhouse

Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage under mesh

Covering a bed with sheeting for strawberry plants we found scattered around the plot

The fruit is looking healthy on the existing loganberry and blackcurrant bushes

Herb garden planted with existing thyme plants and cuttings from my friend

Cleared bed with existing dahlia flowers, onions and leeks

Harry and Peter have mostly enjoyed working there. Harry has claimed the smallest communal wheelbarrow for himself and brings it in each time we arrive. He also has been watering the leeks and pots, pulling up weeds, planting strawberries and herbs and turning over soil. Peter obviously can't get involved as much as Harry yet so he tires of it within an hour usually. We went for a walk round to the wildlife garden today for a change of scenery while Stuart carried on digging. 

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  1. WOW I'm so impressed. You are quite amazing. We'll all be ordering from you instead of Riverford all being well! You must feel so satisfied. Once more, I'm inspired!