Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fluffy babies and flamingos

We had a lovely visit to the Washington Wetland Centre yesterday, where we saw goslings close up in the feeding area, cygnets in the enclosed ponds and tiny 2 day old ducklings in the duckery. Seeing the ducklings has left us feeling inspired for our next Five in a Row title - Make Way for Ducklings!

 The wildflowers had gone wild and there was some good co-operative play too.

We stayed longer than usual to listen to a talk about the flamingos. We were shown a model nest and talked about how flamingos feed and sit on the nest. I was surprised to find that the oldest flamingo there is around the same age as me, I thought they would be younger! The WWT is trying to get the flamingos to breed and they have put a wooden egg on the nest area to deter gulls from any real eggs which might appear. It will be interesting to keep watch for the real eggs over the coming weeks.

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