Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Scarves and weather

Harry is very keen on Octonauts at the moment and we have spent this morning role playing various rescue scenarios. We used our dark scarves to represent stormy wild wind and waves and bright scarves as jellyfish blobbing around. These scarves have been of our best buys I think for play value!

With thanks to our friend Sarah for showing us the way to the BBC schools radio website, we then listened to this weather sounds programme and used instruments and noises to make our own weather sounds. We also thought about weather throughout the seasons as part of the programme and we will try out some related craft.

I think Peter has also found a new favourite activity this morning. The three little pigs have had around 100 bounces (no exaggeration!) on one of the scarves!

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  1. This is a rather spooky activity considering the gigantic storm that followed, did you sense something brewing Hayley ? x x