Sunday, 3 June 2012

Introducing our allotment

We had put our name down for a local allotment at the start of this year, expecting to wait for at least a year for one to become available. We got a call last night, however, offering us a place so we are now allotment holders! The plot has been neglected for a while so the first (mammoth!) task is to clear the weeds, fix up the beds and then make a plan. We don't expect to be planting anything for at least a month, but when we do there is plenty of space - currently 10 beds, a border which already has some nice fruit bushes in and 2 greenhouses. I am looking forward to some preserving with our eventual produce too.

We wanted an allotment as we all enjoy being outdoors and Harry is now at an age where he can be helpful, in fact he is often at his best when he has jobs and responsibilities. I think that it will be a fabulous long-term, hands-on learning experience giving us all some useful skills. We also wanted to be involved in the community aspect of the allotment site and there is a large range of ages of plot holders, a group wildlife garden and a central building with kitchen.  

Weeding the large rhubarb

 Boys at work

 Before and after weeding

View from the top of the plot

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  1. That looks like a great plot! Not too over grown either. I shared an allotment with a friend when we lived in Low Fell. We were eventually kicked off for lack of weeding :-) We were reported to 'those in charge' and issued with weed abatement notices :-) In fairness H was just a baby and my friend had a toddler and was pregnant. The menfolk weren't at all interested so it was just down to us. We gave up in the end and went back to buying our veg at the greengrocer. Message me if you're going to be out on Wednesday and if I make it I'll bring some Rainbow Chard seedlings which I've no space for in pots.