Monday, 11 June 2012

Arbeia Roman Fort

We went to Arbeia Roman Fort for the first time today and had a wonderful visit. Harry was really engaged and asked lots of questions. We spent a lot of time exploring the reconstructed gatehouse. We talked about the materials used to build it and how it is different to a modern house. We looked at the Latin inscription and Harry thought it might tell us who lives there or the Roman street name.

We looked at granaries and talked about how the Romans kept food cool without electricity.

We picked herbs (which was invited by the sign I might add!) and crushed them in the mortar, then played some pretending to be ill and needing herb medicines.

We also looked around the barracks and commanding officer's house and the museum. We marked Arbeia, London and Rome on a Roman Empire map and looked at Hadrian's wall. 

This is definitely a place we will visit again. It is great that it ties into a huge historical topic such as the Roman Empire yet also is so local and specific to our area.

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