Thursday, 28 June 2012

I hear thunder, hark don't you!

Our look at weather sounds earlier this week was timed well as I have seen the worst rain of my life today! The sky went dark as night at around 4pm and gentle thunder growls turned to crashes with flashes of lightning. Within around 15 minutes of the rain starting, a river was flowing down our street. As we watched from the front door, our recycling wheelie bin, which had been on the street, floated past followed by three others so I had to get soaked through to rescue it! Stuart waited for a break in the rain and cycled home, avoiding the multiple road closures - cars were still queuing to get out of our road following the diversions at 8.30pm. We have been lucky as it looks as though the North East has been particularly badly hit by flash flooding today and I hope there has not been too much damage to persons, pets or property! 

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you, Peter & Harry were safe at home when the great storm arrived, can't believe the front street, amazing but also frightening for your family in Yorkshire, at least you managed to rescue your sailing wheelie bin ! ! ! Glad stuart was safe at work too, could have been a terrible scenario but all ended well & an experience you will never forget hayley.

    x x x x