Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hatton Art - Greeks

We enjoyed a semi-led art session today with other home educating families. The sessions run monthly, usually at the Hatton Gallery in Newcastle, and this was our first one - we will definitely be going again. 

We looked at Greek art today in the Greek gallery of the Great North Museum. We looked for depictions of warriors and mythical creatures, then created our own shields and pots using Greek imagery. Harry really got into this and was busy and interested for the whole hour. These were his creations

He liked the Medusa pictures (hence he used two!) but we hadn't read the story of Medusa before so we spent an hour this afternoon reading all about Perseus, Helios and Odysseus in our Greek Myths book. We bought it after exploring the Greek loan box, when Harry was very interested in Hercules and I really like it. Harry would have kept reading but we had the small matter of Peter getting bored to deal with!


  1. Sounds super! Do you think CK would enjoy it?

  2. Yes I think so. There were a couple of 2-3yr old younger siblings and they can do the activity to their own ability - the oldest children were doing drawings and writing and the youngest glued and coloured. Peter even sat and did some scribbling.

  3. Then we shall make an effort to come to the next one :)