Friday, 8 June 2012

Whale rescue

It is North East Marine Wildlife week here and we went along to the Great North Museum today to see their exhibition of life-size marine animals and to take part in some activities. Harry made some fishy card shapes decorated with shiny paper (while Peter climbed all over chairs and tables!) and joined in with a simulated whale rescue using real rescue equipment.

Rolling the whale 
Digging out 'sand' under the whale
 A line of children passing buckets to pour water on the whale
Rolling up the inflatable mat for under the whale 
Attaching the pontoon to the inflatable mat, to help float the whale back out to sea at high tide 

We have also been reading these books in preparation and we talked about how it might be possible to rescue a whale last night. Harry had some good ideas gleaned from the books - he suggested rope and lots of people (as whales are very heavy).


We didn't stay around much after the whale exhibition as it was awfully busy at the museum, given it is school holidays and bad weather. One of the huge plus points of home education in my view is that we can take advantage of all the places we would like to visit at off-peak times and enjoy being outdoors in good weather whenever it arises. We headed outside for some puddle jumping instead! 

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