Monday, 18 March 2013

An iPad education

I was lucky enough to receive an iPad for my birthday and, after using it for just two days, I can honestly say I think it will revolutionise our learning. I doubt I have even begun to explore a fraction of what it offers yet.

This is what we have been using so far. Any suggestions of great apps welcome!

Me Books

This app has a number of different books to purchase. Within each book there are 'hotspots', which are areas you tap and it plays audio (such as an animal noise on an animal picture). You can record your own audio for the hotspots, so today Harry has been recording speech for animals in this Ladybird Classic 'The Zoo'.

Barefoot Atlas

I love Barefoot Books so I was very happy to find this atlas, which is based on their book. It allows you to navigate the world and tap on regions, countries or points of interest (such as native wildlife and iconic buildings (including The Angel of The North!)). There is written information about each thing, which can also be played as audio.


I downloaded a couple of DK reading books for Harry as I thought he would like doing reading practice on the iPad and they are factual books for a change, which he usually enjoys. I started with level 1 as confidence plays a big part in Harry's reading and he is always more happy to continue with something when he has been able to do it at first. He read this book easily today and I think we will continue using some of these.

Lego Game - Firehose Frenzy

Harry loves the iPad and games have quickly become the reward of choice when he has completed his to-do list. He has been playing this Lego fireman game which requires a lot of problem solving skills (I found it hard!) to guide water to fires in difficult places and around obstructions. 

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