Thursday, 7 March 2013

World book day treasure hunt

I prepared a treasure hunt to celebrate World Book Day at home today. I chose books that could be hidden in a place related to their title and wrote or drew a clue to lead to the next book. 

This was the selection I used:

The Enormous Turnip (in a plant pot in the garden)
Pat-a-Cake (in a cake tin)
The Red Coat (in a coat pocket)
I Like Books (on the bookshelf) 
Pooh's Christmas Adventure (in the honey cupboard)
Lost and Found (under Peter's bed as he sleeps with soft penguins)
The Emperor's New Clothes (in Harry's wardrobe) 

The last book, The Emperor's New Clothes contained a prize each of a book voucher which we will use next time we visit a bookshop and a chocolate treat.

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