Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dyed eggs and Easter goodies

I really liked the look of vegetable dyed eggs, having read this guide so we made our own this week. We used red cabbage for the blue colour, beetroot for red and turmeric for yellow. These were mixed with vinegar, salt and water and boiled.

The boys enjoyed adding all the ingredients to the pan. We did it slightly differently to the guide as we hard-boiled the eggs (I don't trust Peter's ability to distinguish suck from blow yet so we didn't blow the shells empty). We added the dye ingredients then boiled the eggs in the same pan, before straining the coloured liquid off and leaving the eggs in it for 24 hours.

The red didn't take very well and ended up more like brown but we love the blue and yellow! These have gone into our Easter boxes (at the bottom of this page).

I also had some foam eggs which we decorated using marbling ink. We held the egg on a cocktail stick and dipped it in the liquid so it could be fully covered.

Peter really enjoyed having the chocolate krispie nest making activity to himself (Harry was busy). He crushed 85g shredded wheat in a bag with a rolling pin and helped to mix the melted chocolate into it (we used 200g). I spooned it into the cases for him and he added mini eggs to the top.

I thought it would be really nice to bring together all the activities we have been doing for Easter in one place so the boys painted some of the containers we receive from our vegbox order and filled them with shredded paper. They added eggs, krispie cakes, chicks and our felt daffodils to make a pretty display. We will be seeing my mum tomorrow so they are taking one as an Easter gift for her.

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