Sunday, 24 March 2013

Lego Sunday

It was a bit of a strange Sunday today as Stuart was playing golf with an old friend so we were home alone. Sunday is usually our family day together, having done necessary jobs and music classes on a Saturday. The weather hasn't really lent itself to outdoor trips recently, however, which is what we like doing most! 

So, we had a day of building Lego. Harry had played with and broken up the models he received for his birthday and he now has the bug to build it all again. We built the Lego Mine and related trucks then played a very involved game while Peter was napping. We mined gold, transported it around, blasted open boulders with dynamite (remembering to stand well clear of the blast zone) and talked on walkie-talkies. Harry then wondered what he would do with the gold once mined so he built a furnace from his general Lego bricks with a fire in the middle to melt it down into gold bars.

I even said that Harry could play an iPad game after he had done some reading practice and he forgot and went back to playing with the Lego instead. A lovely afternoon!

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