Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A trip out - Seven Stories Enid Blyton exhibition

I have been looking forward to visiting Seven Stories all weekend as a new exhibition opened featuring the work of Enid Blyton, whose books I loved reading as a child. We waited for today to visit so it would be quieter. It was brilliant! There were lots of hands on areas for the children and there is much more to explore (and inspire us for activities at home) in future visits once the initial excitement of sliding down the tree has subsided! The exhibitions at Seven Stories really get Harry excited about the subjects and he plays some great imaginative games based on them. We will also be using them as the basis for some projects in the future, to make use of the great resources already set out there.

We got special stickers to start with....

We played in the magic faraway tree

There was a giant wall screen depicting various lands at the top of the tree

We played at being in the land of goodies, which is a recent chapter we have read in The Magic Faraway Tree (we are now on the second book in the series, having finished The Enchanted Wood in one week!).

Harry dressed up as Silky the fairy and pretended to make pop cakes

Peter kept returning to Noddy's car in toyland

I read Harry a chapter of the first Famous Five book - he now wants to read all the Secret Seven and Famous Five books after we finish The Enchanted Wood series. I was hoping he would as I will really enjoy re-reading them too. Peter made a close examination of Timmy the dog!

We also visited the craft area and Harry designed his own enchanted wood with a shimmery pool and upside down trees (the land of upside-down!). He also imagined what he might see out of a telescope on an adventure and drew a treasure island.

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