Monday, 6 May 2013

Conquer maths weekend

I signed Harry up for the Conquer Maths free mayday weekend and he has really enjoyed doing it. He has asked a few times in the past if there is maths he can do on the computer like Reading Eggs so this was a good opportunity to try. He actually cheered when I told him about it!

He has completed 5 reception year lessons with questions on a variety of topics over the bank holiday weekend (I let him choose) - pattern, time (analogue), time (more or less), addition, subtraction and position. He did find them quite easy but he is coming towards the end of what would be reception year at school so I think he could start year 1 lessons when we subscribe in the near future. 

I like the layout of the lessons - it is really easy to see them all and the lesson pages are simple without any distractions. The teacher's voice is encouraging and not at all annoying. I think this will work alongside the other practical maths activities we do very well.

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