Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A trip out - Washington Wetland Centre

We had a lovely trip to the Wetland Centre today with some home ed friends, where we saw a variety of outdoor life.

The children spotted hundreds of tadpoles in a pond.

We sat in the bird hide for a while and used the children's identification leaflet to spot several species of bird.

We stopped to look at the flamingos and saw that the babies who were in the nursery last time we visited are now in the adult enclosure. They are still grey but some had pink tails.

We went into the insect garden to look for bees. We didn't see any but saw lots of bright flowers for the bees. I read this book to the children in the playground and took along some bee activity sheets for them, printed from here.

The children all did some great co-operative playing in the play area too, which was cut short for us unfortunately as Peter managed to get himself dripping wet, even inside his wellies. He has a bad chesty cold at the moment so we left at that point to get him dry and warm. Harry had an ice cream on the way to the car and we spotted some bluebells at the side of the path. He told me they are shaped like a bell and they are blue and that is why they are called bluebells. It has been a very nice and uplifting day!

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