Sunday, 21 July 2013

A trip out - Wallington

We spent a lovely afternoon at Wallington today. The ponds and river banks were lush and green and, although there was not much water after the dry spell we have had, the boys enjoyed pottering in what remained of the river. We spotted a lovely moorhen family stepping over the lily pads in the pond with three fluffy babies.

We watched the birds in the wildlife hide.

And looked down the cracks in the dry ground for any signs of life!

We found things to complete this Nature Detectives treasure hunt sheet - flat, dead, shiny and bendy. The slimy box was filled by a moss covered stone Harry found in the river but we didn't bring that home! The fat box was filled by an enormous tree stump.

We also played frisbee on the lawn. We always have a great time at Wallington, it is our perfect family day out!

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