Saturday, 20 July 2013

Our summer reading challenge 2013

Harry signed up for the 2013 summer reading challenge this week at our local library. The challenge is to read six books in the school summer holidays and he borrowed his first two while we were there. When we go back to return them he will get some stickers to put in his brochure. Harry is usually inspired by a challenge so this is a good way to encourage his reading. I also remember enjoying similar challenges as a child and I am pleased that Harry wants to be involved. 

This is the first one he read.

I looked carefully for the right books for him - this time I wanted ones he could ideally read in one sitting (as he gets a big boost from being able to read a whole story) as well as being the right level for him. The second book we borrowed is another Tadpoles Tales book - The Boy Who Cried Wolf. These two books practice some of the sounds we have covered in his phonics workbook and the Oxford Reading Tree books he is using at the moment - oa, ie, ai, ou and ar. 

We don't take a school summer holiday as I try to make home education part of everyday life anyway, and reading is something that it is great to encourage children to do for pleasure, not just for school. This challenge is a good incentive and a new perspective for Harry in his learning to read journey.


  1. I hope Harry continues to enjoy the challenge and the Creepy House. I am a volunteer helper for the scheme at our local library and I love hearing littl'uns like Harry telling me all about the books they have read and loved.

  2. Well done Harry! Look forward to hearing how he gets on with his books.