Thursday, 4 September 2014

French at home, a new bathroom and IKEA

We have nearly finished our BFG themed activities this week and we spent most time this morning doing that. Harry also completed a page of his handwriting book.

After that we needed to go out as there was a lot of crashing going on upstairs due to the builders starting work on our new bathroom!! I am very excited as it desperately needed doing and I am sure it will be lovely, but for now it will be disruptive for a couple of weeks. Here is Harry in the place where the bath was yesterday! 

We went off to IKEA as I needed a couple of storage boxes and we had lunch there. The boys got some exercise in too in the sun of the play area.

At home, we did some French activities. Our structured class is not continuing this term but I am going to keep up learning at home. We played our French version of Orchard Toys Shopping List. 

I then hid some of the game tiles under scarves and asked Harry and Peter where they were. For example 'Où Est La Pomme?'. They found the tile then said the word and colour of scarf in French. Harry also did a section of Duolingo on the iPad with me relating to colour.

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