Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Not Back To School Picnic

We have had a super day with around twenty other home educating families to celebrate the start of our 'school' year. It was a great turnout and the children all had a brilliant time in the bushes and trees of Jesmond Dene. It was nice to see people we haven't seen for a while and meet some new families as well.

We have continued with our BFG themed activities this week too and Harry has been doing the money maths lessons on Conquer Maths. He also wanted to make a new target for our place value maths game, using numbers up to one million.

Harry had his swimming lesson yesterday and swam at last with his face in the water! This has been a real mental block for him so he was very proud of himself. Peter has contented himself in the paddling pool for water play!  

We have been playing Alphabet Lotto and Bananagrams at home.

Harry has been playing cello every day ready for lessons starting again at the weekend. He has also been building his Lego shuttle, which he added to by making a moon buggy to hang underneath it. I love his creativity! 


  1. What a fabulous variety of activities! Well done to your son, Harry, for finally putting his face in the water. My younger son is still stubbornly keeping his neck well extended above the waterline when he swims - it does make learning to swim difficult, doesn't it?

    Great to see so many home ed families enjoying the Not Back to School Picnic too.

  2. Hello! He has done so well - I still hate putting my head under and I'm very old:) Say 'congratulations from me.
    Your party looks just like ours (except your photo is hugely better!)I am so pleased that you had fab weather as well. It is such a great thing to do - so positive.
    I think as home elders we should put our heads together and come up with another reason to celebrate therefore letting us have another excuse for a party. What do you think?