Monday, 26 May 2014

Beaver fun day

Harry and I had a really fun day yesterday at the Northumberland Scouts Marra Camp. The Cubs and Scouts camped for three nights and the Beavers went for a day visit. I think Harry will be rather excited when the time comes for him to camp!

I have volunteered to help with Harry's Scout Group and dealing with some paperwork for yesterday was one of my first jobs. I was also helping to supervise some of the children who came without parents for the day.

The boys all really enjoyed the array of bouncy castles, including this one with an inflatable demolition ball to knock other people off!

Harry had a turn in the craft tent at making a decorated wooden block using a heat tool.

He also made a Fantastic Mr Fox

We all enjoyed some vinegar volcano demonstrations, I think Harry will always enjoy this however many times he sees it!

The boys had to wear protective headgear to wrestle on this balancing platform, which they loved! And there was lots of grassy space for racing. 

Harry said that the day was 'completely awesome'. I am really pleased that he is enjoying Beavers so much - hopefully he will have many years of Scouting fun ahead of him.

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  1. That looks so much better than Rainbows and Brownies!