Monday, 12 May 2014

Peter's weekend

We have had a very different Sunday and Monday to usual this week. Harry and Stuart went off to York on the train early on Sunday, stayed in a hotel and returned home this afternoon in time for Beavers. It was nice for the boys to both have extended one-to-one time and we do try to do this most weekends but it is only for the odd hour. I think they really missed each other, although I am sure they appreciated the space too.

Peter requested a bus trip and a park trip, so they were quite easily fulfilled! We went to town on the bus on Sunday and bought some new pyjamas and books. We also went to the allotment. Peter had his enjoy-a-ball class this morning and he rode his bike to the local playground this afternoon, managing yet another graze in the process! He seems to be permanently in a state of injury at the moment - the perils of being three. He also had a Mister Maker magazine and we did some activities from there. 

I will post Harry's trip separately.

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