Sunday, 25 May 2014

Tudor workshop

We attended a Tudor workshop on Friday with a group of home educating friends. The venue was Durham University and they had a fabulous new classroom with lots of space and child-sized furniture and toilets. It was a long and intense day and Harry worked really hard.

We started with some object handling. The children looked at Tudor objects, such as a ceramic oil lamp, cannon ball and pewter spoon, and completed a sheet to describe them and what they told us about the Tudors. We all shared ideas at the end and discovered what some of the objects really were.

They also tried some Tudor writing using quill pens. Harry copied the Tudor alphabet to write his name and wrote an inventory of some of his belongings, as we were told that the Tudors left lots of information behind for us in inventories.

We went for a walk around Durham too to spot Tudor buildings and clues and complete some questions. I worked hard at this point as I had to piggy-back Peter most of the way round! 

We went back to the classroom to design a coat of arms. Harry chose lots of animals to represent the characteristics he would like to have.

We are following this up with another Tudor event in Newcastle next week.

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