Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tudors, baking and gymnastics

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster! Waking up at 5.15am is never going to be the best start to the day and especially not when you are Harry, who does not cope well when tired at all. Peter had his enjoy-a-ball class yesterday morning and I spent most of the rest of the day trying to stave off meltdowns! Harry went back to bed but refused to try and sleep - at least he was resting and listened to lots of audio books. I am very pleased he can do this when he is really overtired as he would get nothing but a lot of stress from a day at school. Peter had a daytime bath - one of his current favourite activities! Harry had Beavers yesterday evening, which he enjoyed as there were police officers visiting to talk about safety.

I am pleased to say that today has returned to normality! We listened to and talked about some audio clips about the Tudors this morning at our group session, in preparation for some organised events coming up. We also watched a couple of BBC Class Clips at home. Harry seemed to really enjoy craft time and made some pictures for grandparents. 

At home this afternoon, we made rocky road as we had some marshmallows in the cupboard. Breaking up the biscuits was a popular activity too. It was very nice! We also baked some chocolate buns.

We have been listening to a new BBC learning podcast in the kitchen: The Tales of Beatrix Potter, which we are all enjoying.

Harry practised cello and did some reading before going to play games on the iPad. Tuesday is an intense day as the church hall session tires him out after his late night at Beavers and he has to be ready for gymnastics at 5pm, so I usually try to build in some down time. He did really well at gymnastics and passed 4 activities towards his next badge. 

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