Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A great home education day

What a great day! Harry spent 4 hours at enjoy-a-ball school holiday camp this morning (which I have to say probably helped my enthusiasm for the rest of the day!). I am really pleased by how well he slots into group sessions without my input. He has never been to nursery and wasn't interested in any parent/child structured activities until around age 4 but he runs into his classes without a glance at me now. He was obviously happy to get involved once he was ready and this is one of the big plus points of home education for me. Hopefully there won't be too many onerous tasks to be tackled as we will do things when the children are ready.

Peter and I fed the ducks and played in Freeman park after dropping him off. This brought back lovely memories of Harry at the same age. We often used to have the park to ourselves at 8.30am! 

We stopped at the supermarket on the way home and bought buttermilk to make pancakes. Harry hates the smell of cooking pancakes so it was a good opportunity to make them.

When Harry came home we all made biscotti together, then Harry drew some sea creatures after watching an episode of Octonauts on TV. He looked up the picture on the iPad to try to copy the shape. He typed in the search box himself as I was kneading pizza dough at the time (and helping with the spellings)!

Our biscotti had used the zest of an orange which was still on the table so Harry decided to weigh the orange, a pear and a kiwi to see which was heaviest (he guessed the pear and was surprised it was the orange). 

We also got an outside job done as the sun actually came out later in the afternoon. We planted two varieties of tomato seeds which will be transplanted to the allotment as seedlings. They are sat on our kitchen windowsill with our seed potatoes.

It has been a really productive day and we have all enjoyed being in the garden. I am definitely getting used to the sun, or at least the light and feeling more invigorated by it. 

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  1. That's great that Harry has such confidence. I've been taking Abigail to gymnastics since September and I'm still trying to persuade her to let me leave the room! -Sylv