Friday, 26 April 2013

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
"The Tale of Peter Rabbit" was first published by Frederick Warne in 1902 and endures as Beatrix Potter's most popular and well-loved tale. It tells the story of a very mischievous rabbit and the trouble he encounters in Mr McGregor's vegetable garden!  

We have been rowing The Tale of Peter Rabbit as our Five in a Row book this month. This is a great spring book and it ties in well to work we are doing at the allotment. The printables came from Homeschool Creations.

Peter joined in with some sticking. He used flower shapes and colours, which we talked about afterwards and Harry sequenced a growing seed. We also compared the seed pictures to one of our tomato seedlings (as we have lots!).

We talked about the medicinal use of herbs and looked up information about (and tried) parsley (to reduce inflammation and for antioxidant effect) and camomile (to calm the nerves and help sleep). Harry was not impressed!

I found these chocolate biscuits which worked well for our rabbit themed maths activity. 

We talked about estimating and Harry estimated how many in total in the bowl and then we counted them. He also estimated how many in a handful and then counted them. His estimates were less than the actual numbers both times.

We also grouped them into 3, 5 and 10 and counted them that way, which was quite difficult with Peter on the prowl for a snack! There were 45 at the start and only 40 when we counted them in 5's so Harry correctly informed me that 'Peter has eaten 5!'.

We also played the cabbage game. We used this last time we rowed Peter Rabbit and it was very popular so I got it out again. We have a picture of Peter Rabbit and a picture of a trowel to hide under numbered cabbages. This time we kept aside the cards they were hidden under after we found them and we had to add together the numbers. We also had to say which card we had found them on, such as we turned over three cards so we found it on the third card. Harry set this up a few times this week to play together.

We used this sequencing activity for some reading practice. Harry read all the statements then put them in the correct order.

Harry did a good story narration this time. I wrote most of it for him as he had already been doing a lot of writing that day.

We had some rabbit colouring sheets and Harry turned his into a framed picture by adding a layer of tissue paper around the edge and sticking it to a larger sheet of paper. He has some really good ideas sometimes when he is crafting!

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