Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Chocolate orange biscotti

Harry has been asking to make this since we watched Paul Hollywood's Bread last week so I made sure we had the ingredients in and we got around to it today. We used this recipe from the programme and made the chocolate orange variety. The baking smell was enough to make it again - Terry's chocolate orange!

Peter was so excited when I announced we would be making biscotti - he ran to get his apron shouting 'be bakers!'. He mixed the dry ingredients and poured the eggs.

Harry did the chocolate weighing and broke the eggs for Peter (although the digital 2 kept confusing him as he thought it was a 5!)

I found the dough really difficult - it was very wet and sticky so I didn't so much as roll it but kind of heaped it onto the tray! It came out fine though after the first bake and very well after the second. It made a great bedtime snack dipped in hot chocolate.

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