Sunday, 21 April 2013

April allotment progress

We are pleased with our progress at the allotment recently. This weekend we noticed that the weeds are starting to appear - they must be pleased with the recent sunshine, so we will have to get our gloves on for some regular weeding sessions I think.

My dad and Stuart spent a day fixing up the greenhouses by replacing glass in them to make them safer. We planted our first batch of seed potatoes in a trench. Here is Harry measuring the distance between them with his forearm and pulling soil back over them.

We planted a section of carrot seeds.

We are really pleased that the seeds we planted in the greenhouse 2 weeks ago have sprouted so hopefully we will have leek, broad bean and broccoli seedlings to plant out. It's great to see things happening and it gives us all a lot of enthusiasm!

Our tomato seeds on the windowsill at home are doing well too and we have another batch of seed potatoes there to plant later.

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