Sunday, 14 April 2013

Purposeful play week

We have been doing a lot of counting and colour based activities with Peter over the last week.

We played with the stacking cups (I love these, you can use them for colour, number, problem solving, motor skills and trickling water through as ours have small holes in the bottom!) by counting them up as we stacked them then counting down before knocking them over. I asked Peter to get the right colour for the next place in the tower too and he did really well at this, he is definitely recognising more colours now.

I also hid a marble under one of three pots while he closed his eyes before asking him where the marble was. He loved this! We played it for 10 minutes straight.

I set up some threading beads and stacking cups and asked Peter to put the beads in the matching coloured cup. I only used four colours at first but he found it really easy so we got out green and purple to play with too and they both threaded some onto the strings.

We used this lovely book from the library, which counts from one to ten in the number of hands doing a variety of activities. 

I got some props ready and we read and acted the book, having shaking, building, giving, stroking, clapping, squeezing, waving and patting hands.

Peter went to bed tonight counting away to himself '2,3,4' and he announced in the car today '2 lanes' on the road so he is definitely getting the concept and Harry and I are enjoying our fun activities with him.

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