Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A tired day

We were all really grumpy and tired yesterday. It was a busy weekend sorting out the garden and allotment and we have had a few nights of disturbed sleep due to Peter's cough. It doesn't happen very often as I try to balance busy times with restful ones but we do have to survive this kind of day sometimes!

I am trying to encourage Harry to take part in restful activities on his own while Peter is napping at home. He is really good at doing quiet Lego/reading/Hama beads/jigsaws if I am doing it with him but sometimes I need some space or have jobs that must be done. He managed 15 minutes drawing in his doodle book then came to find me... it's a start!

I am not averse to them watching TV for down time and Harry loves playing games on the computer/iPad but they had already watched yesterday morning and I do try to keep in mind an hour a day as the limit. They both get a bit obsessive if they watch more than that and it's often a lazy choice for Harry as he usually manages to find something more productive to do pretty quickly if I say no to TV.

So what did we do?

Harry made some geometric magnet pictures following patterns. He loves these and used to play with them for hours when he was younger. Peter used his animal magnets to make pictures.

Harry has been colouring some robot pictures recently and he decided to write a story about them so he carried on with that and did a reading eggs lesson. I will post more when it is finished. He is doing well trying to work out the spellings of words himself instead of asking me every single one.

After Peter's nap we got out their bikes and went to our local playground. This helped our energy levels and moods a lot. Peter is getting really confident on his balance bike now and took both feet off the ground a couple of time to coast down hills! I had to carry the coats home too it was so warm.

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  1. I was just looking at some of those geometric shapes the other day and trying to decide whether to buy some for Abigail. Seems like they might be a good idea then?