Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Woodland and pond habitats

We attended a session today with other home ed families which was led by the learning team at Gibside, a local National Trust property. We talked about the type of habitats found there (big ones such as fields and under the ground and small ones such as holes in trees) and which animals live in them. 

We looked under logs and in leaves to see what we could discover. We talked about which animals might eat others ones. Harry is recording his woodlouse and worm. 

Peter was dropping leaves and watching them blow away in the strong wind.

We headed down to the pond and looked at some pondlife in trays dipped out of the water.

The leader caught a live toad in her net, which was very popular with the children!

We were outside for the whole session and it was a great way to learn. We also stayed for lunch and played in the indoor area for an hour. A super and tiring day! 

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