Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sourdough bread

We baked sourdough bread this morning, our latest 'Paul Hollywood's Bread' effort. We made the starter last week using this recipe. Harry was really interested in the concept of harnessing natural yeast.

This was the starter after one day. Harry kept going to check on it.

After two and a half days it looked as though it was trying to escape!

We fed the starter and left it for another day. It looked a bit unhealthy after this so we fed it again and left it for another day. It was then ready to use to make a bread dough. We used this recipe. This was the dough ready for its first 5 hour prove.

And here it is ready for its last overnight prove. 

We baked it this morning and it was wonderful - ready just in time for a morning snack. I think it was worth waiting for - the crust was especially delicious. I think Harry had lost the initial excitement about it as it was a pretty long process but he enjoyed eating it and I think he would want to make it again.

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