Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A trip out - Centre for Life

I don't normally enjoy indoor venues much in the school holidays as they can be very busy but we all had a great time at the Centre for Life today with some of Harry's school-friends. There were some new activities out that weren't there last time we visited (although we have seen some of them on earlier visits) and they always enjoy the curiosity zone exhibits. We are really looking forward to visiting in May when the new Age of the Dinosaur exhibition opens.

Harry spent a long time making a cog wall

There were some great little models in the 'mechanicals' section. They all used a variety of levers, ratchets and cogs and moved really smoothly when the button was pressed.

The water areas were very popular. There were pipeways and mini 'canals'

Peter built some really great towers, taller than him and was actually applauded by the stunned ladies in the background of the photo! He was very proud, then gave it a big kick to knock it over!

Peter loved this strong fan blowing a ball up into the air

These tubes were filled with different liquids to show how the thickness of the liquid affects the speed at which a ball travels down the tube

These two bottles contained water which, when swirled while falling into the bottle underneath, created a really impressive whirlpool

The spinning tables were visited several times

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