Friday, 24 October 2014

Art, party, parks and decorating

Harry finished his latest picture at art class last week - a rhino. This is my favourite so far; I like the green shading.

We joined some friends for a Halloween party - the boys loved filling the pumpkin piñata with a huge amount of sweets, although they only had a handful each! 

We sat around the fire and listened to a story, toasted marshmallows, lit a pumpkin fire balloon and bashed up the piñata: it was great fun.

This weekend has been very busy. My dad was here to decorate the hall and he has hollowed out an area under the stairs for storage. Harry moved lots of bricks on his own and helped with wallpaper pasting.

We haven't painted yet but will be doing it soon, along with carpet shopping! 

We have visited two parks to meet friends of Harry's who go to school, as they are on half term holiday.

Peter has been playing with magnetic letters and numbers.

Harry has been playing cello, doing his maths book and we have been playing his speech therapy game. 

We did an orienteering session at Gibside with other home educating families. Harry loved this! It was quite a long way for Peter to walk but he just managed! 

It's been a really busy week, I have a cold and probably a chest infection and am suffering from lack of sleep; Peter has woken me up before 6am every day since the clock change. I will certainly look forward to feeling well again! 

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