Monday, 13 October 2014

Speech therapy, air activities and pre-school work

Harry had his monthly speech therapy group this morning and Stuart took him. He has a game to practise at home that uses lots of words with the 'ch' sound.

Peter and I stayed at home and did some adding using Lego bricks, where we talked about the plus and equals symbols. He is good at counting into larger numbers so I thought we would start some simple adding and subtracting activities. We also went to the shop and bought an Alphablocks magazine. He practised some writing on the cards that came in the magazine. I really like the BBC pre-school magazines for literacy and numeracy activities and Harry used to do these a lot too. Peter is quite confident at writing with a pen and recognising letters now.

When Harry came home, he did an activity for Beavers. He had to find out about one type of aeroplane to earn his Air Activities badge. He searched on Google for the 'heaviest army plane' and came up with a Russian military jet. We printed a picture then he typed some facts and printed those too. This was good practise for typing on a keyboard and I think we will add typing to our usual writing activities for some variety.

Harry has also practised cello and was really pleased to make the correct notes first time. He found this hard in his lesson on Saturday as he couldn't quite press on the string hard enough, but maybe he was more relaxed trying it at home. He has done a Conquer Maths lesson too on reading a calendar and a list of animal name spellings on the Squeebles spelling app, while Peter had his enjoy a ball class.

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