Thursday, 23 October 2014

Decorating, more tube play and Jesmond Dene

Harry wanted to get on with stripping wallpaper early this morning, so he is learning a good life skill this week! He also did a Reading Eggs lesson.

Peter has continued to play with the cardboard tubes. Today he made small Lego cars to drive through them and used a battery powered train. He is waiting for it to arrive here.

We spoke to my mum on the phone then spent all afternoon in Jesmond Dene with some friends. All the children played in and out of the bushes for three hours! I took Peter's bike along too and we did some more practise. I think they will sleep well tonight, which is just as well, as Stuart and I have another night of wallpaper stripping ahead! 

They brought some leaves home and did crayon rubbings with them.

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