Thursday, 9 October 2014

Teddy bear picnic

We had a nice activity waiting to occupy us post-holiday today. While we were on holiday Harry's Beavers group had a teddy bears picnic to complete their healthy eating badge, so we have done this at home. Harry loves Beavers and is always keen to earn the badges! 

Harry chose all the food and made it himself. He had to make two kinds of sandwich. 

Houmous and cucumber wraps.

Tuna and sweetcorn wraps.

Satsumas and fruit kebabs.

He asked for tomato bread made in the bread machine too (which uses passata and sun-dried tomatoes) and made ham and chicken sandwiches using this. 

We also baked and decorated buns as we often talk about the role treats can play in a healthy balanced diet. 

We all really enjoyed doing this and I think Harry was proud of himself for making everything. He also cleared everything away. They haven't quite realised it's Autumn yet and are still wearing sandals! 

The teddies enjoyed a bit of tree climbing in the garden afterwards and we read a couple of stories outside as well. 

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