Saturday, 12 January 2013

A perfect day.... and a new music class

I think it may have been an almost perfect day, so I thought I had better document it quick! Harry and Peter have been bickering a lot this week, probably missing the attention of having daddy at home and I think they enjoyed having us both back today.

Harry went to his first pre-instrumental music class at The Sage Gateshead today and really enjoyed it. He got involved straight away and joined in with everything. It was nice to see two other home educating families there too. The children will learn basics such as higher/lower, faster/slower, louder/quieter through songs and movement and do some singing. I think this will be a very valuable course whether or not he goes on to learn an instrument straight away.

At home, Harry has been a great help in the kitchen. He prepared vegetables for a pizza sauce on his own (I make pizza sauce by roasting a big tray of various vegetables and blending them with passata) and stretched the dough to fit the trays. We made cakes, which he decorated with some winter embellishments. 

Peter had fun in the kitchen too, playing in the sink with water and various pots for over half an hour! Harry used to do this lots at around age 2, but Peter doesn't often get the chance, so he really enjoys it when he does.

We played Slug in a Jug when Peter was having a nap. It is a memory game from the brilliant Orchard Toys using rhyming word cards. If you find a rhyming pair you have to make a rhyming sentence using the words. Harry came up with some great ones, even when he had a chain of four rhyming words to use in the same sentence.

We played in the garden, finding the bulbs that are shooting through and buds on the trees (although it remains to be seen if they will be squashed by snow soon!). Peter practised on the small scooter and Harry hit some balls with his tennis racquet and threw some at a home made shy. I think Harry is really hoping for some snow tonight so he can have a pull on the sledge tomorrow!

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