Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Junk modelling fun

We have had a good couple of days doing some simple, fun things. We visited Seven Stories with friends yesterday and did some junk modelling in the craft area. Harry made a car with a bendy aerial (and silver lights for the front/red for the back) and a bullet train. I think we will have to get our 'making box' out soon and see what arrangement of boxes and bottles we can come up with - it is always a well received activity!

Both boys have been very tired today - I think the return to normal life after Christmas is catching up with them (Harry also had gymnastics yesterday afternoon!). So we missed our planned trip to Durham to play with the other home ed families at the church hall and went to a bookshop to buy a new book each with a Christmas gift voucher from their Great Aunt and Uncle. Peter loved a Spot the Dog book with flaps and Harry chose The Lighthouse Keeper's Friend, which has big text for him to try and read. 

We stopped at the Civic Centre gardens to feed the ducks on the way back. They were very hungry - I think they would have eaten a whole loaf if we had it. I must remember to put some bird food the garden soon. 

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