Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Happy Birthday Peter!

Peter is 2 today! Happy Birthday to our funny, observant, dancing bundle of little boy! He really is hardly a baby now, he can talk lots, join in playing with Harry and express what he wants (loudly!). He loves running over and giving a huge hug whilst shouting 'cuddle' which is pretty adorable.

How he has changed......


Age 1

Age 2

We hung balloons around the house for him as he loves them. We took the boys to soft play this morning as a treat as Stuart was off work and we haven't been out much due to the bad weather.

Then Stuart went off to work and my mum and sister arrived, hurray! They had planned to come yesterday and stay over but the snow was too bad so we had a short visit this afternoon. Peter has enjoyed opening his presents and both of them have been playing with helium balloons my mum brought. Harry has gone to sleep with his tied to his bed! It has been a fun day and Harry has been a really nice big brother.

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