Sunday, 20 January 2013

Learning number words

We have been spotting lots of number words in books we have been reading recently so I prepared a few activities for Harry to reinforce his learning of them.

He wrote the numbers 10 - 1 (he was very adamant that he was counting down not up!) and then wrote the corresponding word. We talked about how you can also use a number as a position - 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc and he wrote some of them, although the writing was becoming a chore by this point so we moved on.

I wrote the numbers 1-10 on a piece of card and the corresponding words on stickers for him to match up.

I wrote the words one to ten on individual sheets of paper and we played a couple of games. I spread the sheets on the floor and called out a number. Harry had to jump onto whichever sheet had that number written on. This was known as 'number jumping'.

We then played stepping stones with the number sheets. I laid them in a trail from living room to kitchen and Harry had to read each one before moving onto the next stepping stone. When he got to the kitchen there was a chocolate treat waiting.

I also wrote the words one to ten on post-it notes earlier this week. We stuck these around the room and Harry had to collect the right one when I called it out. The race aspect of this was very popular and we have played it several times this week - I have timed him so he can try to beat his times. He has also stuck them up for me to collect, which is a difficult feat with Peter chasing me too!

Harry has really enjoyed the physical aspect of these games and has wanted to keep playing and asked to do it on subsequent days, so I think it is definitely something I will use again with more themes.

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