Thursday, 8 August 2013

Allotment courgette bread

I was very excited to find a new courgette recipe yesterday as we have just started harvesting them from the allotment and I am expecting several more. I do love them griddled after being covered with lemon juice, olive oil and pepper but only perhaps once or twice a week!

I used this recipe from Freshly Baked and I am now willing the courgettes to grow so I can make more! I sent Harry and Stuart to the allotment last night for some mint and we used one yellow and one green courgette - I love the vibrant colour of the yellow ones. 

The bread was really easy and quick. Harry helped with the initial mix before he went to bed then I did the other stages throughout the evening - it didn't need much attention apart from the shaping so it was easily done whilst getting on with other things. We took a loaf with us for our picnic lunch today and it was popular all round. I have promised Harry the chorizo bread will be next.


  1. Thank you so much for the link! That's very kind :) Glad you enjoyed the bread!

  2. I made it and liked it too. Thanks to Rachel for a super recipe!

  3. We are going to make this today, and the chorizo bread. Bring on the picnic tomorrow! It was lovely to try yours. I think I'm going to make it without the mint, (I don't have any). Yum yum