Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Allotment sunflowers

The boys were very excited to see that our sunflowers had started to open at the allotment last week and I saw this book at the library which we read this morning. 

Harry told me what he thinks a sunflower is before we read this page - he described it as a tall flower which has big yellow petals and it's flower looks like the sun.

The flower head is made up of lots of tiny flowers, all of which will turn into a seed - I didn't know that! I love the facts I pick up alongside the children. We will be watching for the seeds and harvesting them.

We took the magnifying glass to the allotment today and Harry had a close up look. We also measured them. Harry's tallest flower is 185cm and Peter's is 150cm.

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  1. By that magnifying glass is coming in handy of late